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Every student experience combines evidence-based clinical, experiential, and academic elements for optimal results and sustainable outcomes.

Academic Program

Studying in a new environment can help your child regain academic success.
With direct classroom instruction and a high level curriculum, our middle and high school students are focused on learning programs that are collaborative, social, and collective.
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Residential Program

Living away from home still offers the benefits of a home environment. Our family-style, home-like dorms offer modern amenities, recreational activities, and social opportunities. Experience a warm and secure atmosphere that promotes growth and healing.
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Therapeutic Program

Every adolescent has a different story to tell. That’s why we design care plans from evidence-based & trauma-informed perspectives that highlight your child’s individual needs. Our interventions utilize a strong cognitive and behavioral approach, while combining various modalities of therapy.
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Sedona Sky Academy’s multidimensional program positions each student for lifelong success.

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