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Julie Sheppard,
Executive Director


Julie Sheppard,  Executive Director, Sedona Sky Academy

In 1999, I started working at Merit Medical Systems, a worldwide medical manufacturing company. I spent nearly 17 years there, working in the Customer Service, Marketing and Sales departments. As my responsibilities grew at Merit, I made the decisions to leave corporate America and focus on my family. In 2017, I joined the team as Solstice West RTC as Director of Business Development. Although my role primarily focused on marketing, outreach, admissions, and business development, I also worked closely with the operations, residential, adventure and clinical teams. Changing courses to work in the mental health field helped me grow professionally but more importantly had an even greater impact on me personally. Being in this field allowed me to get the help my family needed as we guided our own adopted son through mental health struggles and ultimately the difficult decision to place him in a residential treatment program.


I have been married to my husband Jason for over 20 years and I have two boys. My oldest son Bridger is almost 21 years old, working and living on his own, and my younger son Logan is 17, working and about to graduate high school next month. I also have two dogs, Bruno, and Charlie. Charlie is a service dog who goes everywhere I go. He is a goldendoodle, that is the sweetest pup I have ever had.


In my personal time, I love traveling, meeting new people, going to concerts, and being outdoors. Spending time with my family and friends is what recharges me. I have been blessed with an amazing family and loyal, loving group of friends.

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