Castle, BSW

December 28, 2022 by Martin

Becca Castle, BSW, Residential Director

Becca came to Sedona Sky Academy in April of 2022 from Colorado Springs, Colorado with 30 years of Child & Family Social Work experience. Included in her experience is the management of residential and community services and programs; child protective services, foster care, adoption, and mental health crisis services. Becca utilizes a solution-focused approach to ensure a safe, structured and nurturing environment within the residential dorms, promoting healing, learning, and growth for the students of Sedona Sky Academy.

Becca is a mother of two daughters, a grandmother of two grandchildren, and a great-grandmother to one great-grandchild. She is also a non-denominational minister, credentialed with the Universal Life Church Ministries since August 2001. Becca believes that healing occurs through our relationship with ourselves, others, and our higher power. This belief, alongside her value of cultural diversity, embodies a holistic and well-rounded perspective throughout her management of the Residential Department.

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